What Makes Synthetic Oil Different?

Oil plays an important role for your vehicle, as it lubricates all the parts of your engine. When you get regularly scheduled oil changes at a Standish auto service station, you can keep your vehicle running properly. Some cars, trucks, and SUVs use conventional oil, and it's recommended that others use synthetic motor oil. So, what's the difference and why does it matter?

Synthetic oil is oil that has been refined, distilled, purified, and broken down during the production process. All of these steps mean that more impurities can be removed from the original product - the crude oil. This also means that the final product is more closely in line with what many modern engines require.

A synthetic oil can potentially keep your engine cleaner, prevent engine wear, and perform better at extreme temperatures. If you're not sure whether you should put in conventional or synthetic oil, stop by Richardson Ford Inc. to learn more about our recommendations.

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