Here Are Some of Our Favorite Interior Features in The Ford Escape 2018

The Ford Escape has always been a standout among compact SUVs, but the 2018 model takes the flagship vehicle to new heights. An incredible bevy of features, especially in terms of interior options, take the already fantastic SUV to another level of quality. If you have been interested in an SUV, after reading this breakdown of some of our favorite features, you may find the Ford Escape at the top of your wishlist.

First up is the electric brake, which allows you to have a greater degree of control over your vehicle. As opposed to mechanical options, which don't deal with unexpected stops and similar scenarios well, electric brakes allow you a greater margin of error when dealing with hazardous scenarios. And while it's pretty secondary when compared to that lofty benefit, the brakes also look really nice. Just something to keep in mind! And while you're enjoying their aesthetics, your hands will be kept at a comfortable temperature with the Escape's fantastic steering wheel heating options.

If you have any questions about the Escape 2018 or are interested in a test drive, come to see us down at Richardson Ford Inc.




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