Parking Made Easy in the 2019 Ford Flex

Whether you're trying to slide into a parallel parking spot or back out of tight space, the 2019 Ford Flex has you covered. This popular three-row mid-sized SUV is engineered to help you in every step of the parking process.

Active Park Assist is an available option. With this technology, the SUV will take care of all the hard work. Simply activate it while you're driving through a parking area. The Flex will scan for available spaces. It will then monitor the position of surrounding cars as well as the curb to guide you in. All you'll have to do is shift gears and apply some gas. Steering is handled by the SUV. The Flex also has a built-in rearview camera. It has distance indicators so that you always know how far potential hazards are

Come experience the parking prowess of the 2019 Ford Flex for yourself by visiting us at Richardson Ford Inc. in Standish, MI. We'll show you how it works and let you give it a try during a test drive.




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