The Brilliant New Audio Feature of the Ford Mustang

A long list of performance cars only maintains credibility when the Ford Mustang sits high on the rankings. The highly popular Mustang consistently appeals to an active segment of performance car buyers. Performance capabilities contribute greatly to helping Mustangs sell. Uniquely added feature further innovate how the car operates. Audio engineering capabilities further boost the model's consumer approvals.

Engineers handling design work of modern Mustangs borrowed a bit from classical musicians. An audio-connected performance feature links with the vehicle's exhaust system. The sounds emanating from the exhaust system may be changed through computer-controlled valves. Driving attitudes can be affected by this system.

Musical choices match or complement moods, and the new computer-controlled audio performance in the exhaust does so as well. A driving experience may become more enjoyable as a result.

The initial experience behind the wheel of a new Ford Mustang in Standish should be a test drive. At Richardson Ford Inc., select a Mustang from a showroom and give it a try.



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