One of the most popular compact SUVs is the Ford EcoSport. The key to the EcoSport's popularity is the vehicle's incredible capability. Let's take a look at some of the capability highlights of the current model EcoSport.

The current EcoSport model offers Ford's Intelligent 4-wheel-drive. This advanced driving system allows the EcoSport to enjoy improved traction and allow the driver to have better control and put more power on the ground. The Intelligent 4-wheel-drive system works by using an array of sensors to respond to the driving surface and compensate for wheel slip on mud, snow, dirt, rocks, and grass surfaces.

To help the EcoSport handle challenging changes in elevation, the EcoSport comes standard with Hill Start Assist. This unique feature can allow the vehicle to switch from braking to acceleration without rolling backward. The system uses its antilock braking system to keep the EcoSport in position for two seconds while the driver switches from brake to the gas pedal.


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