The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon Is Designed for Comfort

If you need a comfortable transport van, consider purchasing a Ford Transit Passenger Wagon. This vehicle is designed to make it easy to transport large groups. The Transit allows you to drive in peace knowing that your passengers are happy and comfortable.

The Ford Transit has a spacious interior. In fact, it has a class-leading interior height that measures 77 inches. This allows your passengers to move in and out of the seating in a quick, fluid motion. It also prevents passengers from having to stoop over when moving around. The generous interior height creates an open, roomy feel while on the road.

The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon has all the storage space you need. You won't have to worry about finding space for your passengers' belongings. Overhead storage bins provide room for luggage, backpacks or shopping bags. This feature even comes standard on high and medium height models.

Try out the spacious interior of the Ford Transit by driving one. Richardson Ford Inc. can assist potential buyers in Standish with test drives.



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