The Ford EcoSport is a popular compact SUV that gives you the power and performance of an SUV and the comfort, convenience and economy of a car. The Ford EcoSport truly is the best of both worlds. In addition, this SUV is the ideal choice for drivers who are all about technology. Our team at Richardson Ford Inc. is excited to show you how the EcoSport’s technology features can benefit you and your family.

Everything about the Ford EcoSport just seems to scream “technology”, with its most popular feature being Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ compatibility. Imagine driving down the road while safely making calls, sending texts, navigating maps and more. The 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot makes it easier than ever to enjoy all the pleasures of the internet while on the go.

The Ford EcoSport is a great car for one person, a young teen driver or a small family, and it has almost every technology feature you could ever want. You can check out the new Ford EcoSport in Standish.


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