At a recent meeting our Richardson Ford Inc. team voted Ford Edge the most capable and efficient SUV since forever. Why? Its performance features trump nearly everything offered by other makes and models in its category. Here are two features to illustrate what we mean.

It Stops & Starts Automatically

Ford Edge boasts Auto Stop-Start Technology. When you're commuting through Standish and put the brakes on, Edge shuts down its engine completely. After you remove your foot from the brake pedal, Edge restarts its engine seamlessly. The results are big savings on gasoline and fuel costs annually.

Auto Transmission That Feels Manual

?Do you ever long for the heyday of manual gears? Edge's eight-speed automatic transmission works via paddles mounted on the steering wheel. The race-inspired tech looks sporty and manual, but it's automatic, giving you the ease and feel of shifting gears like a Formula 1 giant.

See these and other Ford Edge performance features today with a test drive at our dealership. See you then.


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