At Richardson Ford, all of us here in Standish, MI seek out vehicles that are efficient and offer standout fuel economy. You can find both new Ford vehicles that have standout fuel economy numbers, along with used efficient vehicles as our team is happy to help you identify the right one for your lifestyle and give you the chance to ride off in something you'll enjoy.

With new Ford vehicles, you will find that many are efficient relative to their different segments. This of course includes many hybrid options as there are hybrid editions of the Escape, and Explorer, plus the hybrid standard compact truck the Ford Maverick, as well as the F-150 Hybrid. Additionally, there are new Ford electric vehicles like the Mustang Mach-E and the F-150 Lightning. These give you standout fuel economy, or don't even use fuel at all, and are powered by electric batteries that are able to be recharged.

Other efficient vehicles include some Ford Mustang options, especially those with the 2.3-liter EcoBoost® as they can attain up to 32 miles per gallon on the highway, along with the compact Ford EcoSport. We're here to highlight different options for those in the area, as we find many like to learn that popular vehicles such as the Escape offer a hybrid powertrain and that for many are their first entry into these types of vehicles. They'll find they are left plenty satisfied as these vehicles do not sacrifice performance, and still give you the modern technology and safety amenities you desire.

We can discuss all new efficient Ford vehicles and provide you with offers and incentives to buy or lease one here at the dealership so you can drive off satisfied with your purchase.

Along with the many new Ford vehicles with quality fuel economy, you can also check our selection of pre-owned options. This lineup of course includes some of the same efficient Ford vehicles either as certified pre-owned or used choices, but we also carry many other brands too. We're confident if your gas mileage is important, that you'll be able to find one in this selection and save on costs.

Of course, no matter if it is new or used, there are benefits to buying a fuel-efficient ride. For starters, you get fewer emissions and lower expenses as you're able to save time at the pump. Also, there can be less maintenance, especially if you choose a hybrid or electric vehicle. EVs for example don't need oil changes because there is no engine oil. It's important to also note that regular care for your vehicle, including oil changes for gas-powered options it keeps the engine cleaner and that means more efficient driving too. But, it's good to know with efficient engines, there is less work to make sure you're able to drive, which can mean less maintenance and more reliability over time.

Whether it is new or used, you also get standout value because you know these are vehicles that are going to last. To learn more about the different choices available to you, contact us here at Richardson Ford. Our team in Standish serves those across areas like Alger, Pinconning and Tawas City and would be happy to get started soon.