Auto Financing & Leasing at Richardson Ford

Buying a new car is a big decision that requires time and money.  If you're in the market for something new and it's the right time to upgrade, the experts at Richardson Ford have got you covered.  We're trained to help you search for the perfect new Ford vehicle, including many popular cars, trucks, and SUVs.  Even if you can't afford to pay top dollar, we can help you find affordable auto financing solutions that fit your budget, including buying and leasing options in Standish, MI.


Apply for Financing Online in Standish, MI

When it comes time to purchase a new vehicle, look no further than the auto financing experts at Richardson Ford.  We make auto financing simple to understand and easy to apply for from the comfort of your home in Standish, MI.  Discover an array of affordable auto financing solutions that fit your budget and work alongside our sales team to determine the most optimal repayment plan for you.

Applying for auto financing at Richardson Ford is designed to help you save time and money; click to initiate the process online, and we'll get back to you with affordable plans that fit your budget.  Whether you're in the market to buy or lease your next vehicle, our team strives to help simplify the process to make it easier to find the auto financing solutions that are best suited for you and your family in Saginaw, MI.

How to Get Started

Buying or leasing a new vehicle near Midland, MI, always starts with a financing inquiry and credit check.  At Richardson Ford, we invite you to kickstart the auto financing process by filling out the form and applying on our website.  Apply for an auto loan and get the money you need to put a down payment on your favorite new vehicles, including popular models like the new Ford F-150, Ford Ranger, Ford Fusion, Ford EcoSport, and Ford Mustang Mach-E.

Our auto financing application is broken down into four easy steps and designed to help you breeze through to the finish without scratching your head looking for answers.  To get started, please indicate your name, primary phone number, email address, and if you plan on applying jointly or individually. You'll then be prompted to input information about your housing, credit score, and financial history to ensure we have what we need to help craft the perfect offer.

Buying vs. Leasing - Which Option is Best for Me?

Our financing team is proud to help drivers from Midland, MI, determine which auto financing options are best suited for them.  When wrestling with the idea of buying a new car, you'll also discover that leasing is an affordable option that can help you save money in the short term.  To help you determine which financing plan is right for you, let's take a look at the advantages of both and compare.

Benefits of Buying

  • Eventual ownership after your vehicle is paid off
  • Freedom to customize and drive unrestricted by mileage
  • Take advantage of new vehicle warranty and complimentary services
  • Freedom to trade-in or sell your vehicle after it's paid off

Benefits of Leasing

  • Pay less money in the short-term for the latest new vehicles
  • Enjoy the latest tech and performance features for less money
  • Ease of trade-in at the end of your lease term
  • Customize your monthly payment plan

Contact Us to Learn More

For more information, please call or contact us online at Richardson Ford.  Ask us about auto financing and how you can click to apply online to skip waiting in line at our Ford dealership.  Please contact us with any questions!