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You'll Find Expert Technicians and Uncompromising Customer Service at the Richardson Ford Service Center

Ford makes some of the most reliable, powerful, and popular trucks and SUVs found on the roads of Standish, MI. Routine maintenance is the best way to keep your favorite Ford Escape or F-150 in premium operating condition.Our Service Center offers a variety of standard appointments! Efficient and effective, we take equal amounts of pride in the speed and quality of our service!

Services Your Ford Vehicles Can't Do Without

Automobile reliability has improved immensely over the years. Seasoned Pinconning drivers might remember when checking your oil at every fuel stop was a must. Now, most newer vehicles can go 7,500 miles between oil changes--and alert you when the oil is ready to be changed.

These routine appointments might be less frequent than they used to be, but they're still a necessity. That's why the Richardson Ford Service Center offers a wide variety of regular appointments.

  • Oil changes and tire rotations: It's best to combine the two most common service appointments. Everything our F-250 truck does depends on the engine, and the engine depends on oil.
  • Regular oil changes are the best thing you can do for every vehicle. Rotating your tires maximizes their livelihood and ensures you'll save money by having to replace your tires less often.
  • Brake service: Brakes also wear over time, so it's important for Tawas City drivers to stay cognizant of any issues. Good brakes are your car's simplest and best safety feature.
  • Battery replacement: You might not notice your battery until your car doesn't start one frozen winter night in Alger, MI. We can inspect and replace your battery as needed.
  • Fluid replacement: Oil isn't the only important fluid powering your car. Your coolant, brakes, transmission, and other systems rely on fluids to properly operate. We can monitor and replace those fluids as needed.
  • Tire repair and replacement: Sometimes you pick up debris you can't see. We can repair and replace your tires when needed.
  • Engine diagnostics and other repairs: The check engine light is a catch-all warning. We can tell you why it came on, and what services you might need. You can also see us anytime if there's something you want us to look at!

Genuine Ford Parts are Crucial for Every Repair

We use only genuine Ford parts and accessories when servicing your vehicle. That's also what we offer Tawas City drivers who like to maintain their own vehicles. Genuine Ford parts are designed and made by the same people who built your Ford in the factory. 

We have access to hundreds of parts and will help you find what you need. If you're going to take the time to repair your Fiesta or Escape, it makes sense to use only genuine Ford parts.

Richardson Ford is Ready to Help You Take Care of Your Car

Scheduling your next appointment couldn't be easier. You can lock in your next appointment at your convenience by using our online scheduling tool... just pick your appointment window and come see us! And you're always welcome to call us at 877-818-8815 if you need assistance or more information.

Be sure to visit our service specials page as well before dropping by. You'll find coupons there on some of our most routine appointments, giving you a chance to save some money the next time you see us!

Richardson Ford has been serving Northern Michigan for years with an amazing inventory of new and used vehicles. Drop by our showroom anytime to see what we offer! And when you're ready for your next service appointment, the Richardson Ford Service Center is standing by!


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